Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Indiana and Ohio

Traveling through northern Indiana and Ohio was an opportunity to take in the views of awesome farm country. This area hosts a large Amish-Mennonite population. Along one section of roadway in Indiana, we witnessed the incongruity of many large RV dealerships and farm houses without electricity.  We drove beside horse and buggies riding along the roadway.

Even after a pancake breakfast, when we happened upon Ben's Bakery we just had to go in. We found a large selection of locally produced jams, jellies (not spreads,) baked goods, including pies, cookies and granola. They had the best home-baked foods ever. Our cabinets were overflowing with the goodness that we took with us on the road.

Across the street from the bakery was a furniture factory.   Horse and wagons were parked outside. Next door, we saw a horse and buggy go through a bank's drive-through window.  What an interesting community balance of religious beliefs and modern society. 

Driving back toward the north, we found our next Great Lake, Lake Erie. We happened upon a fabulous Huron River Valley Resort just south of the cute little town of Huron, OH . The driveway into the campground looked like a golf course. The campground, nearly empty, was home to large redwood pines. We parked at one of the few 30 amp sites and made our home for the night.

We were hardly settled before driving to town to explore. We followed beach signs that lead us straight to Lake Erie. We put our feet in the water, It was cool but the day was warm.  We walked along the beach until we found a park bench and sat and watched the large group of seagulls picking through the pile. As we watched the birds above we noticed we were being watched as well. Wouldn't you know a woodchuck was preparing for the fall nearby. He was making sure Frances didn't see him as he darted along the bushes.

We decided to find some ice cream. We found the Pied Piper Ice Cream Shop which obviously had been in business for a long time and had some terrific ice cream. It reminded me of what Dairy Queen used to be like back in the 1960's and 70's. 

On the drive home, we noticed a large bird sitting atop a street lamp near the railroad tracks. We stopped to observe further. Sure, enough,  it was a bald eagle. We parked nearly straight underneath it. I don't think we had ever been so close to a bald eagle!

Back at the campground, we explored the large wooded area as well as the grassy area that was used for family reunions and large family picnics. We got a great night of sleep in the quiet woods and were ready to travel again.