Thursday, June 12, 2014

Saying Goodbye

On Thursday June, 5, 2014 we celebrated our departure from the Houston area.  We invited friends, work colleagues and neighbors.  What a fabulous mix of diversity, one of our favorite things about Houston. Seeking a happy hour location on a Thursday can be a difficult endeavor but the Amazon Grill was a great central locale with fast food service that allowed us to run a tab, eat plantain chips and salsa gratis, and had plenty of room the 20+ of us who gathered together.  The menu offered yucca fries, hamburgers on yummy buns, empanadas, fajitas, and even chicken tinga.

Kathy had friends from UH as well previous positions. Our precious neighbors chatted with Kathy's flight instructor and our bowling  teammates regaled us with tales about their lives while they listened to me tell them how to make a moose leave you alone by holding a stick up like an antler.  We had a great time although a few tears fell.

Joy's last day at school was very emotional!  Frustration lead the way as it seemed all the work would never get completed.  Students were excited to see her new haircut as she cut off 10 inches to donate to Locks of Love, which was her tenth donation. Students received a copy of the book they had written, published and named Bring Peace Everywhere, named to represent BPE, the school's initials and to recognize our upcoming adventure. It was hard saying goodbye to such great kids.  They will be successful in whatever they do because Joy instilled the knowledge that if you can read you can achieve.  The day dragged on until 7:00 pm, spoiling our plans for a final rematch of tabletop shuffleboard at Lakeview RV park.

Getting the RV inspected was the final hurdle before leaving Houston.  With that completed, Kathy hooked up the toad while Joy bought tacos for breakfast.  First stop was Union Grove Park near Stillhouse Lake to say our goodbyes to Kathy's mom.

So, all is great and we are off on our adventure.  We hope we can share this in a way that is entertaining enough for you to continue to follow.

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