Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Boston, Mass

After days of conversation about our options and enjoying the dog days of summer in New England, we travel to Boston. Trying to see Boston in a day was a whirlwind.  We start at the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides is as impressive as reported.  The whole waterfront area is a must see.  



As we start to drive to other locations in town we learn all reports about narrow streets and lack of parking is as reported.

Many areas of the city are difficult to drive and limited parking is expensive.  We find ourselves being bad tourists and driving site to site.  I take pictures from our moving vehicle, the Jeep, and read about history on Wikipedia.  Of course we see a demonstration on the steps of the capitol just blocks from the office of Ally McBeal, our favorite character from Boston, sorry Cheer's.

Finally stopping for coffee in Quincy near Adams homes a National Park. The beautiful warm day gives us more time for continued thoughtful conversation. We decide, we don’t want to sell the RV and we are going to need to find work at our next stop so we don’t deplete our savings.  

We receive a call from our friend Ruth in Washington with an interesting offer.  She works part-time at an RV and boat storage lot.  Her boss is looking for a live-in overnight security guard in Bellingham. There is no pay for the position but free RV spot in exchange for our presence.  We agree to head to Bellingham, Washington after our commitment at Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. 

We celebrate our decision with our friend Dara from California who is visiting family in Boston.  She takes us out for a wonderful Italian dinner in town.   

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