Monday, May 5, 2014

Surfside Valentine

Celebrating 11 years together Texas coastal style has been a fabulous weekend after a hectic week.  Seven years ago, on Valentines Day 2007 we conducted a private commitment ceremony in our then Austin home with Keila as our witness.  We'd actually had a date scheduled to get married in San Francisco, complete with hotel reservations and plane tickets, but then the court injunction nixed that.  Years later, all three of us are going strong in love and life.  

With less than four months to D (departure) - Day, a weekend away seemed nearly overwhelming earlier in the week. Work duties and purchasing our "toad" kept us away from the house just trying to take care of business.  But we agreed to go camping at least once a month and Joy loves exploring Texas beaches in the winter so Surfside, here we come. Weather in the sixties meant fabulous beach combing and metal detecting.  The dogs, Frances and Keila, loved it too.

We stayed at Beachfront RV resort.  It boasts professional horseshoe courts and illuminated large size chess.  Unfortunately, both were in need of repair.  With the WIFI not working and the private dog run allowing Frances to escape, the park is extremely over priced for the peaceful day we did enjoy.

Just a short walk over the dunes to the beach via a board walk, we went metal detecting.  Since technically we're on private property we can actually use Joy's birthday present.  Texas, like most other states, doesn't allow use of metal detectors on state property without permit and according to a state park ranger, permits are only issued to university representatives for research.  Our finds this weekend, a Hyde brand scrapper, a plastic rake, a piece of iron, and a coin, probably foreign.  According to Facebook friends, our hunting is improving.  
 Our Saturday night fare consisted of delicious homemade cheese infused bbq burgers.  They were awesome!  Thanks to Kathy's dabbling in the kitchen.  In fact, we used one of these tasty patties with a couple of eggs for breakfast tacos on Sunday morning.  One of our current practices for camping is menu planning.  With a small fridge and tiny freezer this is a must.  Maybe we can start sharing recipes with you as well.  Blogging just opens up so many possibilities.

Well, check out time is in a few hours so we're headed back out to the beach for one more metal detector trip.


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