Saturday, May 10, 2014

San Fellipe

Day three of trip four, learning all about our rv for our sabbatical.

This trip was the shortest from home as we are staying in San Felipe the Stephen F Austin state park, which is about 40 miles from Houston.  The trip here almost I didn't happen, weather reports of tropical storms on the gulf with landfall in Mexico means serious rain. 90% chance of rain with flash flood warnings.  We decided we were going anyway, why not?  Who's to say it won't be weather like this when we're traveling next year anyway.  The drive on I 10 on a Friday after work is insane on a regular day but with torrential rain, it can break most men down to road rage.  For us the oldies rock channel kept us out of insanity with stop and go and people who think cutting in front of a 31' RV is their ticket home faster.  With the fuel tank near E, the dog having to pee, and us getting hungry we decided to get of the freeway just outside of town.  Pee trip successful during the lull in the storm, we separated to conquer the other two tasks, dinner and fuel.  Kathy drove to get gas while I hit chipotle for dinner.  The rain returned!  Dinner in the parking lot then a few more miles to the state park.  Reception was cool, no bait and no level spots left.  The park dark and the road not well marker it took a while to locate our spot.  Set in the rain wasn't even too bad, we hung our wet clothes in the shower settled in.

Somehow overnight the forecast changed, it was fishing weather.  1/2 mile hike through muddy trails in swim shoes led down to the Brazos River, the 11th longest river in the US.  Fishing from shore with artificial bait didn't seem promising but during the last cast, I pulled in this nice large mouth bass.  Since it was time to go we released him back into the muddy waters for next time.

The plan for dinner was chicken and something from the cabinetry...but salt and pepper was the only seasonings so grilling the chicken would add flavor if Kathy could set up the grill and get the briquettes to burn.  It ended up delicious, grilled chicken and cheese and onion quesadillas.  Add spices to the packing list for next time.

Forecast now cool and dry.  Sunday morning hike to the overlook, not quite as muddy.  welcome to my church...

Green water flow 'neath moss vert froth
Cool dog days
Soft winds lift wing 'twist tree falls
Bird songs ring, feast time 'fore frost comes

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